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HEY GUYS MOST UNFORGOTTEN BROCKHAMPTON MEMBER HERE, and as a artist/listener myself that's been on SoundCloud since the early days of 2015, I have heard the worst and the best of SoundCloud artists. I've heard the "Yachty's" or "Lil Pumps" and also I have heard the "Yachty and Lil Pump Wannabes", but if you're an active member on that app you know originality does not fucking matter anyways, sadly. But throughout the thousands upon thousands of artists with no substance, there is the few that seems to stand out in their own way, no matter if it is because of their lyrics, rapping ability, or aesthetic. These artists are underappreciated and i'm here to shed some gorgeous ass golden hour light on them. I now introduce the top 5 most U N D E R R A T E D artists on Soundcloud. (NOT IN ORDER)

Nolanberollin - Pharmacist (Music Video)

AHHHH! How can I even start with this magnificent character. Nolan aka "Mr. Beanman" is that artist that makes you go, "wow wait this is for real?". His odd style and lyrics about loving Glocks and wearing Gap hoodies is surprisingly addicting. With his unique, disgustingly but addictingly deep voice, he finds ways in his raps to let his audience know he is with the shits and carries Glocks on him always, would much rather sell you pills (hence the name BEANMAN) either through the Deep/Dark Web and finesse you by selling you Mid, and that his cars are never foreigns, rather they are modded street racing Hondas that can damn well out race your Ferrari. He has been around since early 2015 and is now gaining major recognition for his self produced song "Pharmacist". With his funny innuendos, odd GAP and Pharmacist aesthetic, and weirdly melodic, bell filled trap beats he stands out and currently no one else does it like him. Only Nolan can be Nolan.

Father - Heartthrob (Music Video)

This grown man hailing from my personal hometown, West Side Atlanta, is not afraid to let his fans know that females LOVE HIM. This is especially shown in his break out track "Heartthrob" produced by a fellow @Meltycanon (shoutout to Zack) Usually rapping about females or sex in general is his go to. His self production style is already odd enough on its own but hearing his odd style of rapping meshes the two together so well. Leader of the group Awful Records which formed fame for artists like Playboi Carti, Ethereal, ABRA, and Tommy Genesis he is a genius in his own way. (Check out the remix i produced for him titled "Everybody In The Club Getting Shot")

Lilbootycall - Yugioh (Music Video)

WOO! MY MAIN MAN JIMBO MICHEAL! A personal friend of mine but also a heartthrob icon. His style consist of his colorful and melodic taste in terms of production and visuals. He constantly airs out the best visuals with the help of @Cranchyou (shout out to Ronnie) and uses the most melodic and catchy production to fit his player like and colorful loving personality. This is a lady's man, who personally has females hearts aching with his goofy like posts on Instagram and Twitter. He attracts attractive attention like no other. With co-signs from Cuco, Kiddiedouchebag!, and more he is DEFINITELY a force to be reckoned with and is here to stay. (Check out the track I produced for him titled "Butterfly" which is almost at 650K views on youtube!!!)

Duwap Kaine - Santa (Music Video)

With having a Soundcloud break out hit (Pouring Codeine) at only 14-15 years old, I just knew this kid was going to be somebody special. His melodic and child like raps are catchy, fun, but can also make you feel like a goon at the same damn time. Like Yachty you can tell he does this for fun but also to run up a check and is not fond of mentioning that he is all about his bands at the end of the day. As I used to personally talk to him through Instagram here and there I was able to tell that he knows what he is doing is making noise and continues to make noise until the money flow stops (which probably never will because lets be honest this kid is dope.)

Tobi Lou - Solange (Music Video)

GOD THIS MAN IS SO CATCHY ITS ACTUALLY SCARY HOW I NEVER GET TIRED OF HIS MUSIC. His music kind of speaks for its self but, his fun melodic singing and lyrics keeps me going every time my shuffle mode on Spotify plays him. He knows the importance of a great visual and make sures to never lack in content. He is not afraid to flex and be goofy at the same time as he knows he is who he is. You will catch him being in the spotlight more and more as he continues to grow and grow and prosper.





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