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Last Hope with the brightest light

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

For everyone and curated by the young, Last hope is an up and coming clothing line owned by Corey Lovett and Piero Penizzotto, main photographer Jalen Flowers. They are from Broward county Florida and involved with Miami's underground art scene. I went ahead and asked them a few questions to get a view of what they are about as a clothing line and what is ahead for them as creators for the future of clothes.

Their brand is all about the proof that when you put in hard work and dedication in a particular passion, you will get the support and recognition from people you wouldn't expect to stumble upon. They always are trying to inclusive as possible with their identity, their not ones to be concerned about the need to look or act a certain way when their clothing is worn everyone is free in their own form. That idea is lived through all of us, they say "as long as you’re passionate about your craft, you can make anything possible." we need more people like this brand to publicly and genuinely show inclusiveness is important.

The inspiration for them to start this clothing line was both of them coming from a single parent homes as well as being the oldest from each of their families, it will be an avenue for them to provide for their families, by doing what they love which is clothes.

when it comes to fashion role models they do not have any, they grab inspiration from their friends or people on the street with " a fire fit on". Which helps them create as freely as they can because they are not restrained to a certain person or brand to grab an image from but more of what they are immersed in. With such a way of thinking you can really see it come through in the clothing they produce, no rules, no boundaries and overall just a free way of thinking.

the thought process that goes into making their designs is very unique they have been artist their entire lives before the brand came into play. Corey’s a painter and Piero’s a sculptor, they look at everything around them as inspirations for their next design, whether it be a painting at a museum or an old comic book, if it’s a design they know they wouldn’t wear everyday then the the design is scrapped and they go back to the drawing board. The artistry in these two artists just seem to flow seamlessly which is a key component to making a brand.

With the direction of their brand, they have clothing that convey a message about unity and equality because this is 'Last Hope', two guys from different races working together in creating a message that other people can believe in as well.

the way you guys you can reach these full of life creatives is through social media their social media handles are

brand’s Instagram: @lasthope_official

Corey’s Instagram: @corey_lives

Piero’s Instagram: @piero.penizzotto


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