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A new outlook on a vibe

This group of three members by the names of Lilo Blues, Tony Konstone, and Jessy Rose make Hare Squead reigning from Dublin, Ireland. They gained exposure when goldlink featured on their song her side story by using their hook the hook mixed with his smooth Washington flow. their music gives people a reason to want to fall in love or at least have a crush with their infectious lyrics and catchy hooks they represent the new generation of love and gives all hope I hear may artists speaking on this subject but with them it seems like they really mean what they are saying. There is a smooth RandB vibe to the music in the song flowers they are giving a lyric delivery to the audience as if we are the ones they are talking to by referring to the audience a you and this gives a sense of what someone would say to you if they were trying to fall in love with you. But in their song ‘pure’ they share a more vulnerable side to being in a relationship and they show the pain of having a partner you are so in love with but you start to see a change and it causes you to do unruly things to yourself and how they view that person once this change happens even before that change comes even. Overall they have smooth transitions and lyrics that speak to any kind of listener and that is what makes the music joy to ears of a recent heartbreak or someone just wanting some one to love or even someone that is happily single I highly recommend giving them a listen it is sure to put you in a great mood.

All official members of Hare Squead (Tony on the left, Lilo in the middle, Jessy on the right)


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