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Kaiit is the definition of self love as a female neo soul artist this 20 years old hailing from Melbourne Australia with an impeccable sense of fashion I would like to say myself , everything about her seems so fresh like a breath of fresh air from her sound to her style hearing her voice you would think she is a vet in the game but she is on the rise and nothing seems to be stopping her at this point with fans all around the world even getting recognition from one of the queens of neo soul Jill Scott. Her new EP 'live from her room' gives a early to mid 2000's vibe that is so raw and gives the audience a peak into her mind as she goes in depth on the ups and downs of a past relationship as well as her growth of independence. Listening to the lyrics I feel the audience can connect and the album just flows from track to track. Throughout this album there is never a moment where I was like I don't want hear this I have replayed this album about seven times I am even listening to it as I write this, this most definitely something I will request every time someone asks me for a new artist to listen to 100% of the time I don't want too reveal too much about the album because it is a must listen and add to your daily playlist for yourself hint natural woman is my favorite track on the album but that's the last thing I will reveal about the album.



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