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Defying Gravity: Floating Away with Wavele$$

"I started chipping away on this late last year, a project I could consider the most accurate representation of myself. "Anti-Gravity" evolved into much more, this was my turning point. I started this year off expecting a lot of things to come to me, maybe that was wrong. Once I finished the album I turned around and looked at an entire year now behind me. I know now that it was supposed to be this way."

"Anti-Gravity" was self-produced from December 2019 - July 2020 & recorded from July - October 2020 at Apollo House Recordings"

Not only was I able to finish my album, I was finally able to get myself a first car, create my space for creativity, and accomplish a lot of fun things with my 9VOLT team.

I saw how important all these things were, not materialistically but for the progression of my own life. When I had felt set up to fail, doing things for myself felt like I was defying gravity. There are billions of other story's like mine, some worse, some the same. When I looked back at the path I started down I thought about people who may have been lost along the way.

Now it's time to spread the message.

I've changed a lot. I'm much more true to how I feel and that reflects in the music now. I'm no longer afraid to dig that much deeper to show my message clearer.

"Comet" a song I wrote so differently, being so new to me this became a new favorite of mine, bouncing through memories of my life every time I hear it back. It's these components that were missing from my art for the longest time, I was afraid to feel or be vulnerable. I see now, though, It was the most freeing thing I could have done.

There are countless humans who are now not only emotionally vulnerable, but vulnerable in their physical being. People all over are struggling to continue on. Humanity has been replaced by Politics and we are increasingly dividing ourselves.

I feel as if I owe it to those who never had a choice, to be honest. With the way I feel, with the way I advocate for all those who've felt alone.

Standout tracks like "Rainman" display feelings of anti-violence, the feeling of being taken advantage of and shining a light on these normalcies.

I tried to do as I always do and talk more about how I feel where humanity is at right now, but I also made sure I included personal content about myself, from the beginning of the album, "Dysfunction" until the final moments of the project. flaunting my imperfection to weaken myself while walking in to this discussion of the world.

I felt before I finished the album, my vulnerability by the end of it came off as more strong than it was when starting.

This project isn't only an example of one's thoughts on the world, it's an album about breaking the limits for YOURSELF.

Collectively, Individually, We all have gravity weighing us down, it is up to us on our own to decide what we're going to do to float just a bit higher..

I won't spoil too much of this experience for you, as I feel like it's all perceptive anyway.

"Anti-Gravity" releases January 8th on all platforms.

"Comet" & "Naked Eye" can be streamed here:

Naked Eye:



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