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UselessClout, the future of the music industry!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

From record labels to the SoundCloud era, Limewire downloads to TikTok viral videos. The way the game is played is constantly evolving. The big question is what's next?

Meet Austin, the creator of the next music discovery platform community "UselessClout"

I discovered "UselessClout" while I was scrolling around on Spotify listening to their curated playlist "songs that make you feel like the main character". The era we live in is so quick, there's a new trend and brand every day so you only have so little time to catch people's attention, and with a catchy title like that, they had mine. A few google searches and a bit of social media lurking later I was soon to find out UselessClout wasn't just some user on Spotify that had a list of cool popular playlist names, it was a new world that was developing. This is the calm before the storm, it's not often that I discover something online and feel the itch in my soul that this is about to be big, till that day!

I got the opportunity to chop it up with Austin, the creator of the platform, and figure out who he was and what this new wave is that he's starting.

Born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, Austin is an Entrepreneur with a goal that can be summed into two simple words: “IMPACT CULTURE”. For the last 7 years, he has been relentlessly pushing out creative energy for the world to see. Successfully navigating through a variety of platforms including Vine, YouTube, and TikTok, he built a foundation in the realm of Influencer Marketing. Expanding upon his experience and knowledge, he was able to directly work on marketing campaigns that have helped to break some of the biggest artists in music today including Doja Cat, 6ix9ine, and Surfaces.

When I asked Austin what is UselessClout and about the beginning of his journey he told me

"I always had trouble unearthing new music and artists. Exhausted from digging through social media and music publications, I decided to create UselessClout to fill the need for robust Gen-Z music curation. Today, not only were we able to create an engaged community of music-hungry Gen Z’ers, but also we were able to grow a brand that strives to impact culture further than just curated playlists."

This lane is nothing new for Austin at all. Austin has gotten a lot of experience in this field from working with Flighthouse, one of the leading entertainment brands and production studios for next-gen audiences. Austin and his team over at Flight House are the big guys behind the big names. What does Austin do over there? Long story short, he works to make music go viral on TikTok! From hits like Doja Cat's "Say So" to internet Money's "Lemonade" Now Austin is taking those techniques, he learned from working with Flighthouse to bring Useless Clout to new heights. Austin states

"Personally, I’m huge on manifestation and spiritual energy. I truly believe that the goals and energy we put out into the universe will be responded to accordingly. I’ve always been a student at heart and moving forward, I want to continue my learning of social media and music."

Austin is the definition of the future generation, being able to create your own lane and still be hungry for more. When he explained what he was planning to do with his brand I knew he had to be a Cole Bennett fan!

For all the old heads and the ones who have been living under a rock for the last five years, Cole Bennett is a videographer/director and creator of Lyrical Lemonade, a youtube channel that evolved into a hip-hop community.

"I’m definitely inspired by Cole Bennett as a fellow serial entrepreneur." Austin shares, "He’s been able to create a brand that engages the music community across a multitude of outlets. From producing music videos and being a key piece to label rollouts, to creating physical “Lyrical Lemonade” drinks, I’ve always had respect for his creativity. In retrospect, we’ve had similarities in our entrepreneurial journeys through the music industry."

When you have a similar path with someone like Cole Bennett, that's a great sign that you'll have a similar result. I look forward to seeing UselessClout become an elite name in the industry, not only because of the talent and strategy but because Austin loves what he does!!!

"Ultimately, I genuinely love having a positive impact on the individual", Austin tells, "if I can provide curated music for a certain mood, help grow an indie artist, or even just show you a new song that you haven’t heard before, that’s what I continue to strive for. Specifically, connecting music with my mission to help and impact people is what I love the most about what I do!"

When the music marketing talent is matched with the love and passion for the craft you have the future of the music industry!

Please make sure to check out more of Austin and UselessClout at these links



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