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[Los Angeles- September 22, 2021] - “Reaching for the sky” is a fresh and fun single from Venus As a Boy, featuring frequent collaborator Jenna Noelle. Produced in his childhood bedroom, you can’t help but feel a childlike sense of wonder and ambition. The song is available for purchase and is streaming worldwide on all platforms.

Listen to “Reaching for the sky” HERE Written by Theo Lee and Jenna Noelle, “Reaching for the sky” is a song about pushing past your darkest moments. Theo’s upbeat, energetic drums fused with Jenna’s dreamy, angelic vocals come together to make a one-of-a-kind, irresistible track that fills you with hope. “I’m reaching for the sky, don’t say I didn’t try.” Reaching for the sky was made in the midst of quarantine. On that night, Theo was feeling particularly down, but pushed himself to make music anyways. In a half-asleep state, he made the beat and sent it to Jenna with no expectations. Theo woke up to a beautiful chorus of vocals and felt inspired to arrange the track over the next few days. The message of the track perfectly captures where these two artists are in their journey. They both still feel they have so much to give and all they want to do is to be able to share themselves with others and hopefully add a new color to life.

In May, Venus As a Boy marked another milestone in his career after winning the Kenny Beats battle. “Holy sh*t”- Kenny Beats. The project helps set the tone for the next Venus As a Boy project, while his sound is constantly changing, it shows he’s really going for it all, even the things he can’t imagine.

About THEO and JENNA: Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Venus as a boy (AKA Theo Lee) is a songwriter/producer who’s spent the last 2 years collaborating with producers and artists in LA, such as Adrian Cota, Cody Simpson, Nick Lee, Rowlan, and many more. Growing up constantly surrounded by music, it has always been a staple in his life, there for him even when nothing else was. His only goal is to help provide that for anyone else who might need it. Jenna Noelle moved to LA in 2015 to pursue opportunities in music. The Michigan- bred singer-songwriter/musician has roots in jazz, blues, soul, and folk music and has collaborated with various artists and producers, such as Jon Connor, Rowlan, Tunde Olaniran, Juicebox (of Figmore), and many others. Jenna sees music as one of the truest expressions of human emotion and hopes their songs will inspire others to connect to a deeper sense of self.

After emerging onto the scene with “Fireflies” in 2020, Gems and Secrets described it as “truly a work of art.” Later that year they released their second single “Constellations” which was placed in dozens upon dozens of curated playlists and has garnered almost 100k streams across platforms. Their latest single, released in December 2020, “I’ll be fine” featured rapper Rowlan and was described by Global Money World as “One of those records” and “just so damn good.” Getitshared said “The electronic producer has once again delivered a highly addictive slice of vivacity. From start to finish the song is glee inducing and refreshing. Everything that Theo includes is so evidently deliberate and works in such harmony and synergy.“ Stumble Upon said, “... with the promise of more to come from Theo, he is undoubtedly set for great things, and can be seen as one of 2021’s rising artists to watch.” Keep up with Venus as a boy: Keep up with Jenna Noelle:



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