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Swankemon Go

Valencia who is a 17 year old from Miami, Florida has the goal to share her point of view through her brand and hopefully everyone supports her perspective of her clothing. It is a unisex street wear brand for everyone to embrace, even though it has just started up, the future has nothing but good things planned for it. This interview will give you an insight to this creator and what her goal is for her clothes, I see Miami has a lot of fresh, young, and creative people coming up on the scene and this is exactly what we like to see coming out of the community and swankemon is one of many stepping stones to a new era.

What are the owner(s) of the brand(s) name or names? Valencia

Where are you guys located or started? Miami Gardens, Florida

What is your clothing line about? Its a unisex brand that embodies street wear and 90s elements. It's mainly about being comfortable in your own skin and embracing how dope you are. When you wear swankemon you automatically feel dope. It just gives you that power.

What inspired you to start this clothing line? Pokemon. That was just the inspiration for the name. However, old video games such as mario bros inspired it as well. My own personal style definitely inspired the aesthetic of the brand. I wanted to create something I know that was me. And Swankemon is just that.

What is your thought process when making designs or where do you look for inspiration? I write in my notes every time I get an idea which is pretty often. The models give me inspiration for how I want to shoot and set up things. I just create everything from scratch in my head naturally. But if I can’t come up with something I'll just scroll on tumblr while listening to music.

Do you want to see your clothes on runways? Oh my god yes.

What do you see for the future of your brand? I see it going big.

Any projects coming up that you want to tell the audience that are viewing this article right now? SS19 Collection “Bandage” is available right now on you guys should check it out. :) That's my latest project. My next one will definitely be for Winter.

How can people reach you guys? (Social media handles) Instagram: Twitter: @swankemon Email:



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