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Here we have a quick story of SHILOH SPEIGHTS' start to music, that is indeed pretty interesting and something that genuinely shows off his talent. After I became fascinated with SHILOHS' journey, I invited him to come share his story, because I have found this to be quite a process for him, so as we read this we see his transformation from humble beginnings to where he is now, and what he has to deliver in the future for us.

"I started when I was around 12. I was really into EDM and at the time and Skrillex was my favorite DJ. Something about it just got me intrigued enough to try it for myself. I started messing with drum machines and other apps on my phone. Then as time went on, my curiosity and growing passion lead to me progressing as an artist. It just grew from there."

Q: What is your name or what would you like to be known as? 


Q: What do you want your music to say to the audience that listens to it?

A: All I’m able to say about my art, at the moment, is that it’s self reflective. I plant seeds and ideas in hopes it reveals a new perspective to the one experiencing my art.

Q: What is your creative process when creating new music?

A: Usually I start with designing an instrumental or receiving one (I like my instrumentals to be tailor made for me). Then I “live with it”. Seeing what can be done. Sometimes coming up with a concept first, sometimes writing something and then coming up with a concept (it all depends on my “feeling”).From there, I record.Sit down and start making a mix that pairs with the song well (almost like pairing a wine with a dish).Then I “live” with it some more. Obsessively listening through my day to hear any changes that can be made to better the song in general. Lyrics, mix, concept.After I feel confident in my piece, I master it. Next I think of a cover art that would compliment the song and better pull the concept together. Then it’s released.

Q: Would you say you represent yourself through your music?

A: Most definitely. Even more so the past several months. I attempt to break a new boundary within myself through my art.

Q: What are some places or festivals you would wish to perform at and why?

A: As vague as it may sound. Any festival that is in the major leagues at the time.

Q: What are some things you do besides making music?

A: I would say I’m an all around artist. Expressing myself in anyway.*For the most part, everything that has to do with me and my “brand” as an artist is of my doing. 

Q: How can people reach you (social media handles)?

A: @SHILOHSPEIGHTS [on all platforms]Email:




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