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Playlist: Dirty Feet Days

Hope everyone's having a great summer so far! I've put together a list of songs for you to have your crazy summer adventures to. Let's get right into it.

Huron John - Landline

The highlight of my whole summer so far was discovering this artist along with this song. Huron John has such an amazing funky sound paired with his catchy and comforting delivery of his thoughtful lyrics. This is the perfect song to kick off this playlist and any given summer day.

Cassie Marin - Light

Cassie Marin is a powerhouse of talent and this song she definitely shines. Even listening to this song in the winter will warm you up for the rest of the day. Coming after the last track by Huron John with a similar sound and vibe it makes me wish for a Huron John and Cassie Marin collaberation. I should try to make that happen lol

Rylan - Wings

We now take a break to rest in the shade with this next track by Rylan. This song reminds me of looking up at a clear blue sky through the trees with sweat still running down my forehead. A very moving song without any lyrics can always find it's way into my heart and in to my playlist and a Rylan is a master at that type of song.

Austn - Get Lost

I've been bumping songs by Austn for a while now and this song sounds very natural and necessary for this young musician to put out. I picture this song playing while biking down a hill in search of some great food on a summer day. Very minimalist beat and a dreamy tired vocal refrain let the mind wander and just think about how fast the summer is flying by already.

Banes World - The Place I'll Be

Continuing the dreamy train of thought with this blissful and content track from Banes World. This song pairs nicely with the previous track by Austn and extends our chill sunset with this glittery desaturated guitar ballad on codeine.

Froyo Ma - Spent Missing

We now kick it back to the funk groove of the first few tracks with a track from Zack Villere's previous moniker Froyo Ma. This is a perfect end of the day barbecue type track with beautiful piano and drum patterns that carry the reasuring voice of Charlotte Day Wilson.

Ryan Pevoto - Housecat

And now introducing an amazing upcoming artist Ryan Pevoto this track is dripping with potential. As the sky turns violet on our eventful summer day we can start to transition to night with this hauntingly catchy tune from the new album by Ryan entitled "Honey, I'm Home"

Hope you enjoyed this playist i've put together for you, Listen on Apple Music of spotify with the links below! And have a great summer, I hope you make alot of memories wherever you are in the world and in life.



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