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New Year To Be Discovered

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Creativity doesn't come easy to to some and others it is like having another hand that can help them create anything. i see that when is see work from slight media. When scrolling through his Instagram page i see that he has captured the natural essence of people around him. You can also see an array of music videos he has worked on and his creativity is projected through his work, you can see that the attention to detail is apparent and controlled meticulously to show every aspect of his creative genius. When getting into a field like this one you can come in with great intentions or stumble upon it, and in this case this all started by accident for Aquil. The first time he shot a music video he had no interest, something clicked after seeing the creativity and art he published being recognized by people he looked up to. He decided to give back a piece of himself.

Q: Is your work a form of self-expression?

A: It depends on where you’re standing in the room, everyone has a different perspective, but in my case, each creation has been pieced together based off of the emotions or experiences of myself and my peers.

Q: When going into a shoot what is your thought process?

A: I think freely, and allow the work to do itself, whilst having fun and learning something new.

Q: What do you want your photos to say to the audience that views it?

A: When viewers come across my work, I want them to be inspired and not put a cap over there creativity, try something new, something that makes them eager to share with the next person.

Q: Was the beginning of your photography journey rough?

A: The journey hasn’t been rough, It’s been a learning experience and very interesting. I put my trust in god and my team.

Q: Many people do not have the means to get their hands-on photography equipment but want to start, what advice or tips would you give to them?

A: Equipment cost a grip. I’ve learned to use what I have, and use the patience God has given me. Everything i always need finds me.

Q: As you have matured as a photographer have you gotten harder on yourself?

A: My strengths as an artist have grown. I don’t find the work difficult, I use each resource I have and make the best of my work.

Q: What is your end goal that you think signifies you have officially “made it” as a photographer?

A: I’ll feel like i’ve “Made it” as an artist once i’ve reached the world with my light.

Q: What is the thing you love most about photography?

A: I love the reaction of my friends and family when I put together a dope project, nothing means more than the love they inspire.

Q: If people would like to contact you what should they do (social media handles)?

A: can reach me @SlimeLight media on all social media platforms, thank you



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