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Meet Porzio In A Photo

A photo can show a thousand emotions and a collection of photos can share someones life, and that what makes it an art form. Capturing people in different personas is something that can make a photo come to life, even capturing the scenery can be something simple yet full of beauty. Everything I just said is exactly what Sofia Porzio does with her art form through photos and bright colors, it invokes a sensory overload but in the best possible way with the crisp clean style of photography with the contrast of every other element in the photo, all evenly portioned to give the audience whether they are an art snob or a person who knows nothing about photography something they can absolutely admire. Her talents are only getting better from where she is now, so just imagine what we all have in store in the near future. Here is her story on her start to photography as well as a few questions to get to know her.

Joining July 13th 2016 at 10:41 pm. First, sofializp, then PorzioSofia , then PorzioPhotos. Instagram was where it began, subconsciously of course. I was just a girl who liked to take photos. I wouldn’t call it photography until December of 2017, when I got my first camera. The only thing I captured was self portraits, until November of 2018, 11 months later, I started taking photos of other people. Then , two months later, the cover of Ambush Magazine. It all happened very quickly. Now I’m a professional photographer, who has approximately 3,881 followers on instagram and just like in the beginning, has no idea what photography will bring her.

Q: What is your name or what would you like to be known as?

A: I would like to be known as PorzioPhotos. I’ve always thought that if my last name is known, I’ve made it. My first name, Sofia, is very basic. There are a million Sofia’s in this world. My Last name, is much harder to find. My last name represents my family and where I’m from and who i am as person. Porzio is my identity.

Q: Is your work a form of self-expression?

A: What isn’t a form of self-expression now a days ? Everything about a person is an extension of who they are as a person. My photography is a side of me that fuels off of the rush of creating art.

Q: When going into a shoot what is your thought process?

A: My thought process is usually battling my anxiety. I get so nervous going into a shoot. But the moment I click the button, it all falls away and I get into my zone. Its like my own little world. I hyperfocus on my subject and shoot till I’m satisfied . Even when I get “ the shot” I keep on going. Looking for the gold. Then, it's like as if my anxiety never existed . I come out of the shoot feeling complete.

Q: What do you want your photos to say to the audience that views it?

A: I don't only have one message I want to say. It differentiates with every photo. I don't have a solid concentration within my photography. Being so new to photography itself, I just want to experiment and do what feels right. Sometimes I want things to have a meaning, but other times I just want my photos to be visually appealing . I battle between which one I will continue with . Overall, I don't want my photos to make the viewer grasp a message, i want my photos make the viewer feel something.

Q: Was the beginning of your photography journey rough?

A: The beginning of photography was actually the best. It was because I didn’t really know I was doing “photography.” I didn't label it. I didn’t do it to try and impress anyone, I just did it because it was something to do and it was fun. I loved doing it. I didn’t know where it would go. I didn’t think at the start that a year later I would be labeled as a “photographer” I was absolutely ignorant . I was blissful. Now photography is so much harder than it was than. Now it’s my job, my challenge, my “skill.” I wish I could go back to then.

Many people do not have the means to get their hands-on

Q: photography equipment but want to start, what advice or tips would you give to them?

A: You don’t need to get your hands on photography equipment to start. You most likely have a camera in front of you, your phone. Don’t put down the quality of your hand held device, as new technology develops in them, it could be better than any expensive camera in the future. And you can call your mom on it !

Q: As you have matured as a photographer have you gotten harder on yourself?

A: I’ve become so hard on myself over this one year, that I stopped photography for a few months just to catch my breath . It was horrible, I regret all the time I stayed away from something I loved so much. Sometimes you need a break.

Q: What is your end goal that you think signifies you have officially “made it” as a photographer?

A: When I’m happy with my work. But a true artist is never satisfied with their work. They know they can always do better.

Q: What is the thing you love most about photography?

A: The colors. Specifically the warm colors. Even if what the photographer captures isn't the best, if the colors are vibrant and beautiful and combine eccentrically, it can make you feel it.

Q: any fun facts about yourself you would like to share with the readers?

A: That I never thought I would be here. And that I’m not going to stop here. I have much to give and much for you to see.

Q: If people would like to contact you what should they do (social media handles)?

A: Instagram: Porziophotos



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