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Today I present a brand made for the dreamers and people who do not fit in to all of the norms, but want to make something and show where imagination as well as dedication can take you.

Chris is a 21 year old designer/creator from Sanford, Florida. He is the head of an online brand by the name of LERDS also known as LAMESANDNERDS. This brand was created by Chris through his perspective of being the kid who did not quite fit in but was still interested in the street wear fashion scene among other fun things. He uses his good friend Lenerd the Pencil as the face of the brand that you can see plastered all throughout the brand, a character you should soon to get familiar with. this brand has many bright and fun colors with every drop they release, this is a clothing line you can never get bored with because you can see as a consumer that they are honing their craft with everything that is being put out. It really makes you excited to see how can they top or improve their next release.

Photo credits: getty images

The whole idea of his brand is to express his ideas in a way that can also represent himself and who he is, his clothing in a gateway to bigger things but LERDS is something he would like to really expand on. when it comes to designing everything he does it is based off of random doodles that he creates, but his main mode if inspiration is cartoons. When the time is right he plans too work on some embroidery as well as cut and sew. Imagination is a key component when he is creating pieces. Making an appearance at the BET awards was really a pivotal moment for the brand, it showed that dedicating yourself to a craft and what you believe in can really take you to unforeseen places.

Photo credits: getty images

you can contact him through Instagram and Twitter is the website where you can buy is awesome clothes.



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