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It's YouthQuake not Earth Quake

Today we have an interview with the creators of the clothing line YouthQuake. Their names are Madi and Priya (@madivillain) (@alientrip), both from outside of London, Priya is from Calgary (Canada) and Madi from Coventry (UK) , both moved to London around 3 and a half years ago for University in Kingston studying Graphic Design and that’s how they met :). The way I came across this brand was through a deep search and thread of instagram pages, I really liked the grunge feel of their clothing, I am one that likes to experiment with my own style all the time. they are all about letting your creativity roam free so everyone can create, which is very important especially since we have young people creating more now than ever. As you continue to read you will get to know these two better and more about their brand, which in my opinion you will not be disappointed.

What does fashion mean to you?

Self-expression, a way of sharing your creative identity that is always developing,

everyone has their own personal style/taste, shaped by their experiences and interests.

We believe in dressing for comfort within yourself, no one else’s taste matters but your own, we are all different entities existing within each other.

We do, however, recognize the problematic side of fashion, fast fashion and mass production/consumption for short-term satisfaction, we need to erase the instant gratification that comes with following trends or supporting large corporations that steal from independent designers and disregard the planet. If we stop consuming, they stop producing.

Where are you guys located or started?

We’re based in London right now, but have also been based in Calgary, Budapest + Surrey. We like to think of ourselves as nomads, nothing tying us to one place, no habitational boundaries or specific aesthetics like most LA and London based brands.

What is your clothing line about?

Were more of a brand/future platform, aiming to connect visionary and like-minded individuals worldwide; a global forward-thinking and innovative body of creatives.

We don't want people to be excited about what they can ‘cop’ or buy next, but we want people to be excited about what they can learn by being a part of us, giving back to themselves and the planet. The clothing/collectables need to be seen as a plus, almost like a magazine subscription, the content matters most but the toy at the front is a bonus. And in our case the toy at the front exists for a conscious, beneficial lifestyle, it will always be important, sustainable and trustworthy.

We represent a generation that have grown up alongside the internet: globally connected individuals with short attention spans and high anxiety rates. A generation inheriting a an earth of political, economic and environmental instability. But we are also a highly creative and innovative generation with a strong sense of awareness.

We as YouthQuake have sort of one mission, to inspire, educate and empower: connection, positivity and expression. Elucidate your ability to reshape the world around you. We design for ourselves and other like minded individuals, accumulating visual content enriched with collaboration, DIYMA (diy mental altitude) and networked individualism.

Last words are BE YOURSELF, but recognise the global connectivity between people and the planet. The ultimate arrival of our generation will shake the working world and the rigid hierarchies currently existing.

The cultural norms are shifting and it’s the time to come together. More dreamers More doers baiby!

What inspired you to start this clothing line

We were desperate for a creative outlet to get our thoughts and messages out of our bedrooms and into the sphere. The world is pretty f*cked up right now, we know it, you know it, we see many young people feeling hopeless in regards to their future.

Youthquake provides an outlook, an outlet for people to feel a part of something bigger, a brand that cares for the right reasons and promotes projecting positivity outside and within.

What is your thought process when making designs or where do you look for inspiration?

We’d normally start off with a conversation which turns into a concept, the more time it will be something happening that one or both of us have acknowledged, care for and have an important message about. We are constantly bouncing text, inspo and designs back and forth from each other, feeding off and into each other's energy, gassing each other up bringing in our each to their own styles. We look at issues and of today and tomorrow as well as bringing the importance of yesterdays

Do you want to see your clothes on runways?

Someday in the future, but we would love to completely alter the definition of a runway potentially taking it into digital space. Erasing the non-inclusive auro of fashion shows.

Hell yeah, that would be incredible.

What do you see for the future of your brand?

We only see Youthquake getting bigger. We see Youthquake as growing into more than just a brand, we want it to be an aesthetic, a lifestyle, a means of creativity and inspiration, an outlook on the world. A safe space physically and mentally, real talk though having some crazy huge warehouse space for us all to create in filled with all the materials we have no access to right now is the dream, so we can make whatever for who ever, on some damien hurst shit fr.

Any projects coming up that you want to tell the audience that are viewing this article right now?

We have some super exciting collaborations coming up with other creatives (wont spill the beans) but expect us to be tackling more of the issues we care about in a more consistent manor most definitely. In store pop ups, bts publications, soundscapes, events, edibles (maybe cut that bit out) clothing, merch and most importantly movement. If I was to tell you specifics our results may alter different ;)

How can people reach you guys? (Social media handles)

@youthquake.worldwide @madivillian, @alientrip



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