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It All Started With A Snap

Nihilofleur is a photographer from South Florida, his style in his photos is all about using the resources you have, because it is the person taking the photo that really makes it come to life not necessarily the camera . The editing is like making a ransom note through only photos which is something unique, and can show the versatility of a photo when you put more than one together and it all flows cohesively.

He started taking pictures of his mom on her polaroid when he was 5 years old, he would always love taking pictures of her putting on make-up so it made her look like a movie star. Now he is 20 and plans on becoming more then just a photographer, he wants to become a filmmaker as well and create all the stories in his mind.

Q: What is your name or what would you like to be known as?

A: Jalen Flowers is my actual name, nihilofleur (KNEE-HI-LOW) ex nihilo means out of nothing, then fleur means flowers

Q: Is your work a form of self-expression?

A: Yes, it is a way to express myself but right now I’m still figuring out how to fully express myself with my work.

Q: When going into a shoot what is your thought process?

A: Usually I listen to music to help me figure out what my shoots are going to be about. When I shoot, I try to recreate the feelings I had listening to it. I never stress the model when we shoot, I try to make them as comfortable as possible. Also, when they are happy the tend to give you the best and most expressive poses.

Q: Was the beginning of your photography journey rough?

A: I still feel like I’m in the beginning and as for it being rough not really, I have fun with it, so I don’t find it rough at all.

Q: Many people do not have the means to get their hands-on photography equipment but want to start, what advice or tips would A: you give to them?

If you have a phone shoot with it even when I had my camera, I put it down for 2 months to start taking photos with my phone. At the end of the day is the person who takes good pictures not the camera.

Q: As you have matured as a photographer have you gotten harder on yourself?

A: I always critique my work to see how I can improve and get better. I feel like everyone of your friends will tell you your photos are good (don’t even listen to your friends), and you can never grow if you can’t find your own flaws. You must go to people you are not friends with so you can get an understanding of your work.

Q: What is your end goal that you think signifies you have officially “made it” as a photographer?

A: When I can pay all my bills for the month and only earn that money from my art.

Q: What is the thing you love most about photography?

A: The interactions with people and the moments I get to capture is like nothing else.

Q: If people would like to contact you what should they do (social media handles)?

A: nihilofleur



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