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Heavens Only Wishful - MorMor

MorMor is a singer-producer & multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada. I came across MorMor as i was found my self boppin' to some Mac Demarco & Gus Dapperton mid-February. As i came back to one Mor's latest songs recently, i found it had went viral. Raking in 1,468,303 views since then. Crazy part is MorMor isn't well known. Bringing in 3k on instagram and 8k on youtube. It is safe to say he has a hit on his hands. I really had to post about this song because the visuals were absolutely stunning and it totally hit me in the FEELS. This song throws a ray of nostalgia at you, with a hint of Nirvana, mixed with some 80's synth-pop, might add a bit of 90's alternative in there too. All around this song feels like it has survived about 2 decades. I personally love this song so much i added it to my top 2018 faves! In fact i love so much i don't even want to really spoil the video or the track by giving you all hints (hehehe). HIT THAT PLAY BUTTON and really give this song a listen. Also COMMENT below and tell PROH how it makes you feel.

NOTE: If you want to keep tabs on this fellow follow MorMor via IG @mormor.mormor.mormor



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