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Gods Are Always Born Young

Recently I was told about this new upcoming artist and knowing me I am open to new music all the time. I saw that he had just released a new song Pisces as well as, many singles and an EP out. his discography ranges from love songs to songs about his life. Every bar of his music is an experience that comes from his life and something we all can relate to. This young artist goes by the stage name of Young God Blow. Here we are trying something different and letting him tell you guys about himself and artistry.

Since young I always knew I wanted to strive to be someone great, someone with recognition but I never knew exactly what I would pursue. I was shy as hell growing up though so being a music artist was definitely the last thing on my mind, but as time passed I got myself into stuff like poetry clubs, drama classes and the school band. That definitely helped me break out of my shell. Still, I didn’t think I’d pursue a music career, but then around 15 I was going through my first “heartbreak” and I discovered Tyler, The Creator for the first time and like dude he changed my whole perspective on music. Like before I was “hearing” music but I wasn’t “listening” to it and he opened me up to such a vibrant way of how music works. That topped with the fact he didn’t care about anything really resonated with me. I was a huge nerd and sort of an outcast most my life so seeing a guy saying fuck all of that really hit me you know? I was inspired as hell and used that to take music in my own direction. From there it’s history, I’ve been growing each and every day perfecting my own unique sound that I love and I know others would love to hear. With dreams of being an inspiration to someone like Tyler was to me.

Q: what would you like to be known as?

A: Young God Blow A.K.A The Golden Boy, that outgoing kid with the million dollar smile providing lit music that everyone can vibe to.

Q: What do you want your music to say to the audience that listens to it?

A: As a New York rapper it’s hard to get recognition unless I tried to do drill or trap music, but I feel like I cut from a different cloth. I make music for all the outgoing geeks and nerds who want a voice but don’t have anyone to look to for that voice. I feel like I can provide something new and refreshing to the rap scene, I want to be able to tell my audience you should be unapologetically you always!

Q: What is your creative process when creating new music?

A: Honestly new music comes depending on the emotions or mood I feel in the moment, right now I’ve dubbed the spring time ‘Sad Boi Szn’ it’s honestly a bitter sweet time for me because originally I lost someone I met in the spring but this time around I found someone who got me hella in love haha so all my recent music has just been love oriented. My producer/dj/close friend Dj Eric Kuhl always provides the dopest beats that translates to my moods so bouncing off ideas to him during my creative process always helps! As far as lyrics I always hum a melody to a beat and plug in words here and there until I get a song, it’s been my go to for writing songs since I’ve started.

Q: What are some places or festivals you would wish to perform at and why?

A: Yo I would love to fuck up a rolling loud stage honestly, it was my first big music festival and as a fan an experience I’d never forget. Just imagining the roaring crowd getting lit to my music while I rip the stage apart is definitely a goal of mine! Any huge music festival would be one I’d love to perform at but the energy rolling loud brings is different and something I can’t wait to experience.

Q: What are some things you do besides making music?

A: I AM A HUGE NERD, too much for my own good honestly haha. Since as early as I can remember I’ve been addicted to anime, comic books and video games! Ask me anything and I bet I know what you’re talking about. I’ve also been skateboarding for a few years and basketball is my favorite go to outside activities with my friends.

Q: What is your dream collaboration and why?

A: I feel like my two dream collabs in music would definitely have to be tobi lou & Ski Mask The Slump God. Me and tobi could definitely make an instant cult classic bop that you could equally get you in your bag and have you lit. Ski Mask on the other hand, we would just make the most ignorant hyped up track ever that would have everyone jumping.

Q: How can people reach you (social media handles)?

A:@younggodblow on Instagram! I’m mostly active on there but you can also follow me on Twitter @sir_blowius & catch all my videos on YouTube: The Great Lamez



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