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Get To Know Lumonest

This is Lumonest, a music producer from Miami, Florida. He started doing music when he was 14 years old. He recalls his beginnings as, "I always had a love for music as a kid, I remember always being hypnotized by instruments until eventually I started to pick up and learn ‘em". This is yet another talented Miami native doing something great with music, He can help change the game forever, every song he makes and every performance he appears at is just another stepping stone to being the change in the music industry. Remember to always support your local artist because, they can always be the start of something new, now lets get into the interview so you can get to know Lumonest a little bit more.

PHOTO CREDITS:@ihateshots

Q: What is your name or what would you like to be known as?

A: My real name is Jonathan but everyone calls me Lumo.

Q: What do you want your music to say to the audience that listens to it?

A: I want people to love themselves and embrace all the things you may hate about themselves, cause at the end of the day no one wants to be a stranger in their own skin. I want these kids to listen to my music and feel free. Free to be and do whatever the hell they want to.

Q: What is your creative process when creating new music?

A: Majority of the time it’s through abstract ideas of life. Sometimes I’ll think of scenarios and stories and I’ll give them a score for it. Like what would it be like to wander around the Louvre in Paris with the homies or what does it sound like to be front row at a fashion. I think of it as creating the soundtrack to everyday life.

Q: Would you say you represent yourself through your music?

A: Absolutlely. I think, as a creative, that it extremely important to exhibit as much of you to the world.

PHOTO CREDITS: @kailopisa

Q: What are some places or festivals you would wish to perform at and why?

A: Made In America (Shout out to Hov)

Rolling Loud just because it’s in my hometown

Afropunk because I love being black and I love black people

Glastonbury recently got on my list because of Stormzy (shoutout Stormzy) actually just made history recently becoming the first black person the headline the festival

Q: What are some things you do besides making music?

A: I’ve recently got back into DJ’ing but outside of music honestly just kick it with the homies, they all my family

Q: How can people reach you (social media handles)?

A: Instagram: @Lumonest

Twitter:@ Lumonest

PHOTO CREDITS: @gumthewrapper



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