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Food For Your Eyes

Art can be something for your eyes too feast on, sketching and outlining is like prepping peppers and onions, gathering materials is like turning the heat on for the skillet, and the finished product with colors, dimensions, personality and attitude is like the finished dish so beautiful you do not even want to touch it. Art is something so still but powerful and touching at the same time. There are so many new and young artists on the rise but today we look more into Ruth Burotte also known as Rutamfi (Roo-Tam-Fee) from Ives Dairy, Florida. This platform is a fun tool for her to help bring representation for herself in society as a black girl who can draw manga.

When she creates she wants the audience to view it as an overload of fun and intensity, to get a hyped energy when they see the characters she creates. Art started off as a fun pass time for her, growing up she was interested in anime. When it came to art Sailor Moon was her biggest influence but. her art role models are Satoshi Kon, Kim Jung Gi and Katsuhiro Otomo which are all anime and manga artist. She would draw non-stop which was something that fueled her creativity, when creating things her thought process is all about learning and mixing new things, before creating she would ask herself " what if I mixed this and this?" also "what can I learn today?" this way of thinking helps her to not overthink when creating but more as something to get the creative juices flowing. Once she started to get older she realized that making art can be something you live through in different ways, with that knowledge accompanied with her love for art, she knew if she puts in enough time and passion it can be something greater. If she could tell her younger self one thing it would be "To be patient, things will fall into place...and to also try out for more sports", interestingly enough coming from such a great artist you would not expect sports to be something she would go back on.

All of the art above was done by Ruth.




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