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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Meet Sid Mason the California native fusing his inner dark thoughts with high energy raps

In an era of music filled with persona and cliche styles created just for attention, the world needs more creativity and honesty. I recently came across the artist Sid Mason and I feel as if I found something my ears needed! SOMETHING REAL! From Intense uncanny but soothing production to vulnerable lyrics to match, Sid Mason is creating a world in his mind and inviting his listening in.

If I had to describe Mason’s sound to someone who has never heard music before I would tell them you are watching a thriller Drama series only with your ears. Mason’s music makes me feel as if I'm on a dark epic journey to reveal the mystery of my own mind. The ability to illustrate through sound is rare today. In Mason’s words “ I would describe my style as a combination of Nostalgic 64 Denzel Curry and Yeezus mixed with JPEGMAFIA and Monte Booker Production.” These comparisons and influences are one thing but according to the San Diego native, a big part of his sound stems from the winter season, “I spent two years in Victoria, Canada. It’s a beautiful green place in the summer, but in the winter you can go days, sometimes weeks without seeing the sun. It’ll just be cloudy, raining, or snowing from November - May.” Many believe the cold seasons are the best times to get to know yourself, those cold months definitely show in Mason’s introspective and vulnerable lyricism. The fourth track on his EP “Senescence” entitled COAX is one of my personal favorites. Touching on the topic of the feeling emptiness, and toxic people in your circle."COAX was made during a time when some of my friends we’re going to down a bad path and I had to separate myself. One of them really betrayed me and that shit stung. Some of them are getting better though.” Mason tells us.

“My favorite part about being an artist is being able to connect with others and to make people just feel anything about my work. If they’re hyped, sad, or angry that’s a good job to me.” Mason tells us, an artist like this is on a mission for expression and i support the journey 100%. Every journey has a beginning and surprisingly for the rage like musician began writing in a quiet place not too far from San Diego. "I’m from North County San Diego. It’s a quiet suburban area about 35 minutes north of Downtown San Diego. I’ve been writing since I was 14 but I always kept it a secret. I finally started making music around 2017 and kept learning and trying. Last year was when I started taking it more seriously. Now at 21, the once young writer from the outskirts who only felt comfortable keeping his rhymes to himself is sharing is the story with the world. I asked Mason what advice he could give to any artist out there, speaking out of an experience he advises .”Showing emotion is important cause without it, you can’t connect to anyone. Everyone has their own unique story that shows That’s what separates the artists that last from the one-hit wonders.”This is the beauty of turning your pain and pressure into a diamond. Sid Mason is living proof that one of the biggest tools you can use to create is the tool of your own bottled up thoughts, emotions and newfound vulnerability, Mason also made sure to add that he believes another great tool is social media as well. A place where an artist can connect with another artist.

The internet is also a great place for fans to connect with artists like Sid Mason, so to anybody out there who is looking for an outlet sonically, a message to relate to, a reminder that we are all humans that have to let out our dark side! check out the links to below




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