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Eargasm by Cosmo

Have you ever heard a song so good you just just get the ultimate summer vibes? A song to click with your emotions? Even one that reminds you of someone. Cosmos demos will give you all of that plus more through his music, he is the type of artist that you wanna put your friends, neighbors, strangers, aunts and uncles on too. Vocals smooth as silk and guitar riffs that flow effortlessly. Enough with the idioms, I want to introduce you guys to cosmos demos. The way I discovered Cosmos demos was through Community Svc as one of their artists, the first song I heard was "fling" and I fell in love.

PHOTO CREDITS: @nihilofleur

Q: How did you start?

A: I started music seriously 1 and a half years ago but I’ve been making music since I was 12. How everything started was meeting Brandon and Julian at Greynolds park in north Miami. That’s when I met a lot of the people that shaped who I am today. Around that same time I met these kids that were a little older than me and we all would go to these art shows I would perform at in Miami. Those times make me happy because it was just new to everyone.

Q: What is your name or what would you like to be known as?

A: My name is Cosmo short for Cosmo’s Demos.

Q: What do you want your music to say to the audience that listens to it?

A: Most of my songs are about love and how it makes a person feel. Even the way I tune my guitar is a way to make people feel a euphoric feeling. So as of now it’s not really what I say but how I make them feel that’s important to me.

Q: What is your creative process when creating new music?

A: Well, I have all my instruments and equipment in my room so most days I just wake up and pick up the guitar or play the keys. For me everything starts with the drums. I’ll either find a cool drum break to sample or I’ll make one of my own but once I have the drums it’s easy to add chords and what not.

PHOTO CREDITS: @nihilofleur

Q: Would you say you represent yourself through your music?

A: I hope so. I see my music as a form of myself and expressions that I’m not good at saying to another person face to face.

Q: What are some places or festivals you would wish to perform at and why?

A: Camp Flog Gnaw! since I live on the other side of the country I haven’t had the chance to even go but that would be a dream to perform there. Tyler is 1 of the 3 people who influence me the most. The other 2 are frank ocean and Steve lacy. But to perform at his festival would mean the world to me for so many reasons.

PHOTO CREDITS: @nihilofleur

Q: What are some things you do besides making music?

A: Well I’m also a graphic designer and I went to school for printing like t shirts and other things of the sort.

Q: How can people reach you (social media handles)?

A: You can find my music on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud under Cosmo’s Demos. My Instagram nd Twitter are both @peekotitty.

PHOTO CREDITS: @nihilofleur



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