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Dreezy's Monthly Jams 1

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Sup everybody hope your Thursday is going good, I compiled some songs from underrated artists that I think you might enjoy

This months playlist is called "It Rained Last Night" because the night before I created the playlist it rained and I was feeling some kinda way. So the songs are all more or less the type of joints you can throw on and just be chill too on a gloomy day. But not on that dime a dozen lo fi hip hop channel shit .These artists put crazy work into these songs trust me.


Breaking Down the Playlist

I'm gonna go through each track and explain a little bit about the artist, the song, and why I chose it for the playlist. It might get long at some points but hey, you're the one who clicked on a music blog.

Omar Apollo - Ignorin

This is an artist I just found out about the other day through my friends reposting his new album "Stereo" and shortly after checking out that album I saw that Illegal Civ made a music video with him. Just getting introduced to his music now I can tell he's very talented on the guitar and it pairs perfectly with his wide vocal range especially on this track right here. The emotion in the lyrics paired with the stomping forward of the percussive elements is something to behold, especially from someone without major label backing or state of the art equipment. At moments in this record it sounds like it could be a collaboration between Joba of Brockhampton and Kendrick Lamar. I specifically chose this for the start of the playlist because while it's chill and has a low saturation rainy day vibe it won't let you feel bad for yourself, the drums and the guitar solo keep you alert and keeps your ears perked up for the rest of the playlist

Victor Internet - Tinder Song

This is an artist I've known about for a while ever since I saw his collaboration with an artist featured later on this playlist Gab the Sandbox they made an amazing track together called "Young" It seems like everything Victor touches is just certified gold in terms of production and singing. Aside from that this is my favorite solo song from victor ever since he dropped a little video of him singing it on Instagram. The dreamy and colorful production paired with the raw emotion victor portrays while singing directly to his subject makes for an incredibly replayable song, I wouldn't take offense if you skipped back just to hear it a few extra times on the playlist. This short adolescent guitar ballad would fit perfectly in a elementary school dance directed by Wes Anderson and fits even more perfectly as the second track of this playlist

Ollie - Different

Next up we have a super interesting track from my favorite instrumental album although this is the one track that has lyrics on it, An acapella from Biggy's Long Kiss Goodnight is placed over an extremely wavy beat by this very talented bedroom producer. Making instrumental music myself I always struggle to make something interesting with out words that could be enjoyed as thoroughly as a song from your favorite rapper. Its a hard task to do but when it comes to the hypnotic nature of Olliee's instrumentals I feel just as inclined to play a record like "Junk" as I am an album with lyrics. But back to specifically this track, it's an comfortable blend of old school hip hop lyricism and Ollie's exemplary style of beat making. It makes you feel timeless and warm on this gloomy day

I can't describe how much I love this artist in a short summery paragraph so let's just say if you like this song then look up some other song from Zack or even some he's produced for other people. Next is the second track I heard from Zack following nearly everyone's first encounter with him "Cool". I feel like those two songs along with "Bloo" are great representations of Zacks production style, his non conforming take on songwriting and his ability to transport the listener into a specific moment or place. Specifically in "Next" I really appreciate he takes a seemingly mundane conversation with a love interest and transcribes it into lyrics in such a bouncy and percussive way to represent the feeling of your heart racing when your crush asks you out. Anyways, this track fits beautifully on this playlist because just like most of the songs of his 2017 album "Little world" I swear this song plays in my head when I'm feeling cozy and inspired on an inside type day.

So Gab is one of my best friends and he also has a show up on PROH "60 Seconds with Sandbox" that gives you a little more insight on his goofy personality. But when it comes to making music Gab gets serious. By far one of the most hard working and meticulous creators that I talk to on a daily basis. This dude is always sending me multiple versions and mixes of songs. I swear he spends a good 2 months on every song from producing the beat himself to crafting the lyrics and mixing. I get to be in the passenger seat the whole time which is tight. North is definitely my favorite song from Gab right now. Every moment of this track is gorgeous from the conversational nature of Gab's flow, the optomistic beat, the feature from Glennessy to the amazing double time breakdown and synth lead towards the end of the track that sounds like something straight of Flower Boy This is a BOP

Mustard Service - Taking Up Space

This is a new band I just got turned on to through a conversation with HypeSage when asking about under appreciated yet talented artists. This track will be widely welcomed into the music library of anyone with a Mac Demarco flavored palate or just simply anyone with a wide range of musical preferences. I especially enjoy the instrumentation of this record because although I take pride in myself and friends as bedroom producers who can put together a full track on a laptop; there's just something to be said about the classic dynamic of an entire band working together and feeding off of each other to create a fluid unquantized track. This has a high likelihood of getting stuck in your head well after this playlist so please savor hearing it for the very first time on a slow day as the plants are being watered.

Deloney - Rainy Day in Southern California

Now Deloney is a very special artist, I got to have a long conversation with him about music, influences and geography on an archived episode of the Brand New Podcast and ever since the I admire how hard he works on his tracks, the art direction, the videos and just all aspects of being an artist. He's the definition of underappreciated talent because based off pure sonics Deloney sounds larger than life and professional I'm genuinely confused on how he's not a household name. Oh and also he busted a killer guitar solo at Productive Honey and Brand New's event Peace Love Wifi . So Besides that, this is the last official track on the playlist and I feel encapsulates the entire message of this compilation of songs. Everything from the beat, the lyrics and the effects on this song leave me with a feeling of grinding, being confident and productive even if other people and even the weather is telling you otherwise. I love this message and although it's the last song on the playlist it's the first one that came to mind and forged the concept for the rest of the list.

Notice that this is a rainy day playlist but no songs are particularly sad or depressed. Just because the day is gloomy doesn't mean your attitude has to be. The strongest people are rarely effected by external forces, build yourself up and shine even if the sun isn't. Take a day off skateboarding, skip work, just stay home and write, produce, and teach yourself something.

Thanks for checking this out!

Me, Brad and all the artists on this list are glad you took the time out of your day to search for some music other than the top 100.


Links to the playlist

now have fun listening to the playlist on your preferred streaming platform and also take note that there's a bonus song depending on which platform you're on



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