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The creative style behind Community Service could be explained in a pretty simple equation. The aesthetic of 2000’s Adult Swim + the music diversity of MTV. They try to keep every post design simple yet subtle, but when it comes to flyers for their events they definitely throw a lot of eye candy. Community service is a collective of creators that come together through parties thrown by Conrad prophete, I know I am always one too talk about the culture in our community as well as around the world, but what you see being done here is something that is bringing people of all creative backgrounds together through a positive atmosphere.

photo of Conrad PHOTO CREDITS: INSTAGRAM @kalopisaa

Community Service was founded pretty recently on February 1, 2019. The entire idea came from Conrad Prophete aka “GumTheWrapper” with the help of his friends Tresean Perry and Samantha Jades. Creators who reside in Miami know how separated the art/music culture can be, and basically, they wanted to put all of their efforts into breaking the barriers by throwing events, promoting artists and local businesses on their page to help manage some artists’ in music such as Cosmo’s Demos, SOM1NU and Lumonest. I asked Conrad a few questions about his collective and this is what he has too share. For the collective, the goal is to eventually bring their events nationwide and help underground artists and businesses from all over the United States be discovered for their creativity and talent, also being able to create a large scale music festival similar to Rolling Loud or III Points and also bring their events outside the United States.

The collective says "Take pride in the city you live in and support your friends’ and their ideas because that's where change starts" (Conrad). They want to be known as the group who constantly put you on to new music and keep you up to date on Miami’s underground scenes. When you bring the creatives minds together you definitely find a new way to create things through this idea. They have met countless creatives in Miami that understand that art can build a community. When looking for new artists to add to their collective they look for One thing. Authenticity. "If you’re not true to yourself or to your work then why should we trust you? It’s not a cool kids club (it kind of is) but no clout chasers allowed" (Conrad).

If you like good music and anything cool, follow their SoundCloud and Instagram:

Spectrum 022 PHOTO CREDITS: INSTAGRAM @nihilofleur





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