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Art Of Emotions

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Q: What is your name or what would you like to be known as?

A: My name is Yasmine but I’ll also go by Yas. And ghoumama lol (sounds like goo-mama).

Q: What do you want your art to say to the audience that views it?

A: Well I think anyone who makes stuff and puts it out into the world can agree that it's scary as if anything, I’d want the stuff I've made to help people say “She’s doing it, so why shouldn’t I?”

Q: If you can tell your younger self a piece of advice what would it be?

A: Don’t keep waiting. And also that being “extra” is okay.

Q: How did you start making art?

A: Hmmm...I’m not exactly sure how I got started but I do know

art has always been a regular part of my life. In elementary school I remember that at recess I’d be posted up in the corner with my friend and we’d be drawing trees or people with like five buttcheeks.

Q: What is the thought process you have before you start to create?

A: Honestly, if it’s a big project, then I’ll have constant anxiety up until it's over with. It's a good kind of anxiety though, like an anxiousness that moves me to get things done. But in general I try not to think too much before I make something. When I do it often takes away from the fun of making it.

Q: Would you say you represent yourself through your art?

A: For sure. A lot of the time I won’t mean to make an art piece personal but somehow, and no matter what, elements of myself come through. I think the same goes for anyone who creates.

In my opinion, there’s no line between the person and the product...especially today, when everyone brands themselves through social media.

Q: What inspired you to start doing art?

A: Over time I became sick of how white/male/heterosexual every sphere of art-making is. There is such a beautiful and talented community of people who are outside those categories and

creating awesome stuff. It’s those people who helped me see that no one will give you permission to make art except for yourself.

Q: Who are your art role models?

A: Damn I wish I had a simple answer to this. Some of them are Rammellzee, Tarsila do Amaral,

Junglepussy, Zadie Smith, Shōmei Tōmatsu, Digable Planets, Josephine Baker, Kenny Scharf,

Frank Ocean, Big Klit, Wangechi Mutu, Ikko Tanaka, Kerry James-Marshall, Joyce Pensato,

Anthony Barboza, Johnny Rotten, Missy Elliot, Raymond Pettibon, Hannah Wilke, Louise

Bourgeois, Tadanori Yokoo...I feel like I’m missing people though.

Q: Do you think your art speaks volumes to change society or is it something that is fun to represent your talents?

A: Oh my. I don’t think I have an answer to this question. I mean, I don’t think art comes from a place of talent for one. At the end of the day art is just a thing I do. But of course, it has some kind of intrinsic meaning. I certainly don’t have it figured out yet. Personally,

I use art to create a space for myself to live within, it's like world-building. Art has that kind of powerful potential.

Social media handles:

Instagram @ghoumma


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