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An Interview with Cafesin.leche

I recently came across the U.K based artist cafe sin leche.  A 16 year-old producer who is redefining lo-fi production with a diverse flare that is universal for all cultures and side of the world and internet. I got the pleasure of being able to ask the kid a few questions about his life as an artist.

Q: What do you usually look for when searching for inspiration making beats?

A: for inspiration for a beat- i always try and make shit that sounds good or interesting. if i’m using a sample i’ll try and find an old one or one that is quite obscure and then do my own thing with it. if i’m stuck for ideas i’ll listen to someone like tyler or a brockhampton song for inspiration

Q: for the people who dont know who cafe sin leche, what would you tell them and where does that name come from?

A: then when i was like 13 I i tried to make a username on my xbox and tried cafe con leche but it didn’t work. At the the time I recent learned in Spanish class that cafe sin leche means coffee without milk so i tried that and it worked. then when i started posting music i was looking for a name and thought i would just use that

Q: I am completely obsessed with your song Hello ft. Karsen, another great artist i got the opportunity of interviewing I feel you guys make a good pair, what the history behind this collab?

A: ive listened to karsen since summer 2017. so i was a fan before we collaborated. i messaged him about 6 months ago asking if i could send him some beats. he fucked w them and made a song- our first collaboration was hello

Q: Are there any artist, in particular, you look forward to collabing within the upcoming months?

A: i mean there are some collabs i’m waiting on but a lot of the time rappers will be like “yea man i fuck w ur beats” but then don’t get around to recording anything. there are some collabs with people i’ve worked with before and some new ones too. i’m trying to work with a mix of english and american artists- maybe even more countries!

Q: Another collaboration i am obsessed with is your song with 이세현 how was it collaborating with an artist who brings not only whole new style but culture and language to your sound?

A: working with mono was great. she had listened to that song with karsen- hello and we messaged a bit and it was so cool to have a song in another language. plus she has fans in korea too so that gave me some fans in korea too which i mean is a good thing.

it’s so interesting and cool to me that i’m making music with people from around the world just making beats in my bedroom.

Q: What do you want out of  Music the most?

A: i really just want people to hear my music and enjoy it. i want to make music that people can just lie on their bed and listen to but then also make music you can listen to at a party and dance to. i want to reach a wider audience in 2020. it feels really cool getting people congratulating you about music or saying they like it but right now most people that are saying that are just people who go to my college or my family so still some progress to make.

Q: What's your favorite part about making a beat?

A: my favourite part about making a beat is when u get that part that sounds so fucking good and u just know that it’s great. or when you add something that just completes the track like a spicy ass 808 or something as simple as a good hi hat pattern

Q: What can we expect from Cafe sin leche next?

A: next- i’m trying to develop my sound and ability to make songs. i’m only 16 so i’ve got a lot of time to improve and learn. i wanna make more music and get more collaborations to put an album out. i’m working with some really cool artists tho so i hope i can make some bangers next year.

for more on Cafe sin leche check him out here



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