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A new Group, breaking the internet,VIBE WORLD ORDER

From N*E*R*D to BrockHampton, Wu-Tang to Odd Future and every group before after and in between comes a new force to the hip-hop world of collectives, meet VIBE WORLD ORDER.

Recently I came across 7 member New Jersey group VIBE WORLD ORDER and they are literally the best rap group I have heard in years. The 7 member party consists of vocalist/producer/engineer Reg Mason, vocalist GROOVY, GINI the vocalist/producer, JTT another vocalist/producer, vocalist Almighty Hendrix, Comfortabledude producer/DJ and Stijhl the graphic design/videography/photography, overall visual artist.

Being in an art collective myself (PROH), I have a special soft spot and level of respect for VIBE WORLD ORDER. Nowadays I feel as if there is a new wave of art collectives coming about. Artists, like VIBE WORLD ORDER are realizing the amount of power they have over the industry when they work together. I asked them how they felt about this new wave emerging,

JTT: It gives us a lot of hope. Following in the footsteps of people such as odd future and BrockHampton shows us that if they could make it, we could as well

Groovy: Making something creative as a unit can be tricky, but the beauty in it is hearing everyone’s influence come together.

CD: Honestly, it’s easier to be in a group and split the work rather than doing everything yourself. It’s like a cheat code and I think everyone is starting to peep game. Can’t think of everything on your own.


Every hero has an origin, every story has a beginning, from Tyler the Creator meeting Hodgy and Left Brain and starting OF to Nick Fury assembling the avengers, every legacy starts somewhere. Reg Mason told had this journey all started . "it started off as a passion project between me (Reg Mason) & my older brother Lez (Comfortabledude) & my other guy Ginny. Typical meet up after school, geek out and make the most with least. We knew everyone and were friends in high school already but around the summer of 2017 we started aimlessly getting together every day and next thing you know there’s 7 niggas in my house." VIBE WORLD ORDER is the true reperesentation of Brotherhood and organic real love off and on camera, Groovy tells us "The best part about being in a collective is the parts that listeners cant see. Us building each other up and our sound growing as we grow as individuals. Watching guys who I grew up with blossom into artists is a surreal sight. The fellowship we share when times get tough and we are the only ones who understand it. Wouldn’t trade it."

The beautiful organic friendship reflects right onto the music they create, something strong and just as epic. The group has such unique sound that i instantly fell in love with, the use of drums and true overall tropical tribal-like flare that’s in their songs specifically “004” Reg Mason told us the inspiration drawn behind the beat creation and a song like that

"that was the first record we made when we found out we were playing Battle Of The Bands. It was an extremely organic & fast process. we haven’t made anything together in a while so I wanted to cast a wide net with a dance tempo while keeping our identity smeared all over it. Still proud of that beat. It takes me back to Das Racist/MIA college rap shit with industrial kinks."

this identity smear process all translates to when the team is creating full projects like their most recent release “what if we kissed at the vibe world show”

the boys explain the process behind the creation in these words

JTT: "We came fresh off of a Hiatus from music and entered into a battle of the bands contest where we competed against other groups to win prizes. Those few weeks of the contest resulted in us working really hard and coming up with the whole project ." Comfortabledude: "I broke my hand at the beginning of the summer and that ended up being the cover art. I also made Lez is Runnin at the same time. It was a very fast process."

REG: "it was a very intense testament to if we could truly be a band. I spent that entire summer anxious every day, so making the EP was a blur. Whole EP was a byproduct of us making more songs to play at AFROPUNK. Groovy: Putting together this project was like suiting up before a big sports game. All the songs were made in preparation for our AFROPUNK performance, so we made sure the songs were heavy hitters."

To wrap it all up, if you are looking for something inspiring, something REAL, amazing production and ACTUAL RAPPING, these are the guys you should look into. VIBE WORLD ORDER is the definition of unscripted friendship meeting unorthodox talent.




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