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I am here to present to you a soundtrack to any summer project you may have I will also give you an insight to what scenes I would associate with these songs but the possibilities are endless and you should feel free to do something different . music and film go hand to hand which can help you stretch your creativity or these can be new songs just to add to your personal playlist. disclaimer: these songs to scenes are my perspective feel free toggle with your ideas and creativity

1). Elujay - Starchild

This song have a peaceful and bright vibe the lyrics describe a girl and how beautiful she is and how Elujay always thinks about her . The kind of scene I associate with this song would be a first encounter where the mai characer has their breath taken away by this beautiful mysterious person and it fades into a daydream of them being together as absolute couple goals under the stars, going on dates, stuff of that nature than towards the end the daydream ends and the main charater realizes that this mysterious person is actually talking to them and they go off into the sunlight and that is the end.

2). Innanet James - Summer

This song comes in with hype and a smooth flow in the first verse he is talking about his past with a girl that was thought to be innocent with a person like him that smokes and drinks and he also describes her as chocolate a type of scene I would use with this verse is a night scene that can but set in a house at a dinner table where the mother discusses how different the two seem to be as he is a smoker and drinker and the girl is as innocent as a flower . the how describes her as summertime fine whih can be set o a beach where they are both relaxing and he just stares at her beauty until the sunsets.

3). Boogie - Self Destruction

this track takes shots at new age rappers like mumble rap and constant drug usage and he knows the things he is rapping about can only cause self destruction the beat can easily get you hyped but then the beat changes to a more light hearted sweet vibe. I see a fight scene starting to stir up with the first verse and once the hook comes in all hell breaks loose between a group of teens.

4).berhana - Janet

This song has a smooth soulful groove to it that is infectious to any listener with the cathy lyrics and uplifting beat I have had this song on reply since its release last year memorizing every lyric and all this song made me true berhana fan forever. In this sog I see it going with a slideshow of being with your friends having good times and being positive teens as well as keeping the peace throughout your ensemble.



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