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Gabrio Veizhans (born May 23, 2001) known by his stage name Gab, The Sandbox, is an American rapper/singer, songwriter,

Musician above all but mainly considered to be a jack of all trades as he does his own music video production, directing, promos, clothing, website, and the list goes on. Gabrio is an artist who previously had built a nicely sized following on instagram, just having cracked 10,000 followers, had accomplishments on his resume, ranging from modelling for T-pain and Helly Hansen to throwing a successfully profiting event with his collective called, "Peace Love Wifi".  He considers the arts to be his passion and overall wants to inspire people as a whole. But before the thousands of people supporting him on instagram, spotify, soundcloud, etc, rewind to about 2 years ago, where it all started. Gabrio had just turned 15, he had been living with his mom and sister who were in the process of losing their home, due to complications, they had moved into a shelter home. Generally it had not only sparked something within Gab, but having experience and overall passion for the arts had led him to save up all the money he had, buy a domain and edit his very own website to sell clothing on. This website as many peoples first entrepreneurial endeavors had with time failed but had not only taught him valuable lessons but also established him into a community of internet kids seeking for something greater in life. The golfwang grapevine, a community of teens based all over the world. Using mediums like video calling and instagram to keep in contact and work with each other. This community residing in instagram is where Gab had overtime come to meet all of his friends and future collective. Gabrio is part of a collective called "Productive Honey", a product of the internet. First starting out as a clothing line, founded by creative director and magazine editor theBradbrooks on January 15th, 2016. Now based in New York City, where all of the collective's members live, Productive Honey is an art collective that throws events, makes and has released music, clothing, magazines, etc. This hipster esc collective is made up of members, Kiddiedouchebag, Wackavelli, theBradbrooks, and Gabthesandbox. Gab and the collective have done great things, and will continue to go on to strive and try to raise their message of, Peace, Freedom of expression and the importance of the internet.





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